Let Go And Step Into Flow

Heaven On Earth

Flow = God = Unconditional Love = ONE

One day I pushed a wheelbarrow of grass towards Karma’s pasture while hubby was cutting our lawn. As I did a very indignant Mother Robin flew out from a tractor I was about to pass. Did I ever hear it from her! Why? She was nesting. I reassured her I would not harm her nest or her babies and my actions showed her I meant what I said. A week later pushing another gift for Karma, again Mamma Robin yelled and squawked at me. I reassured her with my heart no harm would come to her babies. I just had to take a peek so I did. Ohhhhhh…… heart melt on the spot!! Tiny tiny babies are what my eyes saw. I then gave Mama direct eye contact and reverently thanked her for the privilege of looking at her family.

A third…

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