Feasts / Memorials in July

July 3 – St Thomas Apostle (Feast)

July 6 – St Maria Goretti (Memorial)

July 11 – St Benedict (Memorial)

July 12 – St Veronica of Jerusalem (Optional memorial)

July 13 – Rosa Mistica (Optional Memorial)

July 14 – St Camillus (Optional memorial)

July 15 – St Bonaventure Doctor of Church (Memorial)

July 16 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel ( Memorial)

July 21 – St Lawrence Doctor of Church (Memorial)

July 22 – St Mary Magdalene (Feast)

July 25 – St James or St Jacob (Feast)

July 26 – St Anne and Joachim (Memorial)

July 28 – St Alphonsa (Feast – India)

July 29 – St Martha (Memorial)

July 31 – St Ignatius Loyola (Memorial)


Feasts or Memorials in the month of July

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