Bible Reflections


✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULE FOR THE DAY – Aug 03, 2021: Tuesday

“Placing our faith and trust in Jesus, the Rock of our lives!”

(Based on Num 12:1-13 and Mt 14:22-36 – Tuesday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time)

The creation around us – created by our Good God – has many lessons to teach us.

One such lesson is mentioned in the Book of Proverbs, where it speaks about a small animal named badger
>> Prov 30:26: “The badgers are a people without power, yet they make their homes in the rocks!”

The badger is a weak, timid little animal – like a rabbit or hare.
>> It has no means of defense in itself
>> Though it like a rabbit, it can’t run like one.
>> Though it resembles a mole, it can’t dig deep like one.

So when its foes – the vulture or the eagle comes in sight…
… it realises it cannot fight back in defense or run away fast!

So what does the badger do to find safety and protection?

Knowing that it is a “feeble fold,” it rushes straight to the rocks!
>> The badger repositions itself among the rocks, to remain safe and secure!

The badger lets the rocks to defend it…
… and the foes fight a miserable fight against the rocks
… and leave the badger in peace!

How beautiful a lesson is this to all of us, who often get attacked by the “foes of troubles, distractions, temptations and despairs of life!”

Weak as we are…
… we can find our refuge, protection and strength if we go straight to our Rock – JESUS!

Have we learnt this method of facing the challenges of life, by taking refuge in Jesus…
… especially in the “trying” moments of life?

The Gospel of the Day is a reminder and a lesson on this beautiful aspect of trusting and depending on the Lord – in every situation of life.

After the multiplication of the loaves, Jesus dismissed the crowds.
He made the disciples to get into the boat, while He went up to the mountains to pray (Mt 14: 22-23)

Here is a great lesson that Jesus teaches us…

There will be many success stories that would be woven in life.
• Yet, all those occasions ought to lead us closer to God – the source of every success.

Every success in life ought to, not make us proud – instead, in humility, lead us to grow closer to God – in gratitude and for greater strength.

There will also be times when the sun shines bright and there are many admirers thronging our life.
• Yet, all those occasions ought to make us realise that in God alone ought to be my true joy and satisfaction.

Every joy of life ought to, not make us lose ourselves in the thickets of achievements – instead, in meekness, help us to depend more on God – in trust and for greater faith.

As the disciples were lost on the sea, with the winds and waves turning against them, they saw Jesus walking on the sea (Mt 14: 25)

However, Jesus sought to drive away every ‘ghostly fears’ and assured them of His presence.

Peter, however, the leader of the gang took the initiative of going towards Jesus and walking on the water.
>> He even made his first steps on the waters.

However, when he saw the mighty winds, he got frightened and cried out, “Lord, save me” (Mt 14: 30)

Immediately, the Gospel says, “Jesus stretched out His Hand and caught him and said to him ‘O you of little faith, why did you doubt?'” (Mt 14: 31)

Here was life throwing a mighty challenge to Peter:
>> Whether he could trust in God or not…
>> Whether to continue ahead in life or not…
>> Whether he could have his focus on God or not…

As long as he had his focus on the Lord, things were fine

But the moment, he wavered in this “focus”, Peter began to sink

The boats of our Christian lives often pass through the stormy waters of problems and difficulties.
>> There will be many moments when our faith makes attempts “to walk on the waters” with the Lord.

• As long as we keep our focus on Him, things would be fine.
• As long as we don’t look at the waters and instead look on to Jesus, things would be good.

But the moment there is a “deviation” in this focus – there will be the “sinking” experience!

Can we grow in our trust… in being always focussed on the Lord?

In the face of many challenges of life, we often are rendered to be a “feeble fold”
>> But let’s never lose heart!

As Prov 30:26 reminds us: “The badgers are a people without power, yet they make their homes in the rocks!”
>> Let us take refuge in Jesus, the Rock of our life!

When attacked by the “foes of troubles, distractions, temptations and despairs of life”…
… let us find refuge, protection and strength, by going go straight to our Rock – JESUS!

Are we ready to REPOSITION ourselves…
… and firmly secure and be safe amidst JESUS, the ROCK?

God Bless! Live Jesus!

– Fr Jijo Jose Manjackal MSFS
Bengaluru, India

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism
>> It is love “to the end” that confers on Christ’s sacrifice its value as redemption and reparation, as atonement and satisfaction.”
>> He knew and loved us all when He offered His Life.
>> Now “the love of Christ controls us, because we are convinced that One has died for all; therefore all have died.”
>> No man, not even the holiest, was ever able to take on himself the sins of all men and offer himself as a sacrifice for all.
>> The existence in Christ of the Divine Person of the Son, Who at once surpasses and embraces all human persons, and constitutes himself as the Head of all mankind, makes possible His Redemptive Sacrifice for all.
>> The Council of Trent emphasizes the unique character of Christ’s sacrifice as “the source of eternal salvation” and teaches that “His most holy Passion on the wood of the cross merited justification for us.”
>> The Church venerates His Cross as she sings: “Hail, O Cross, our only Hope!” (Cf. CCC # 616-617)


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