URGENT PRAYER: Afghanistan’s Christians are ‘Sheep Among Wolves’

URGENT PRAYER: Afghanistan’s Christians are ‘Sheep Among Wolves’


As Americans, Afghans, and others attempt to flee Taliban rule, a Christian humanitarian relief worker who has served in the country for 20 years is hoping to rally people around the world to urgently pray for Afghanistan’s tiny Christian community.

John Weaver, author of the book, Inside Afghanistan, says like ‘sheep among wolves,’ Afghan Christians are under threat of death and many have already fled their home towns for other cities. Some have crossed into neighboring countries seeking refuge, while others have escaped through Kabul airport.

“The Taliban are looking for people who have left Islam and who are now following Jesus,” Weaver explained. “So, it is a desperate time for our brothers and sisters and we need to stand in prayer with them and advocate for their situation.”

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