The Great Tribulation And The Bayside Messages! The Immaculate Mother Speaks!

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Image: The Courtesy of Pinterest

What is the Great Tribulation?

In the Bible we read about the Great Tribulation, a time of trouble and difficulty as never before seen on the earth, leading up tothe Millennium.

From the account of events inRevelation 3-19 wecan see that the Great Tribulation has three stages.Source

Bayside Messages


“My Son’s hand has now been withdrawn and the tribulation is coming upon mankind.”

Tenth Anniversary off Our Lady Coming to Bayside, NY – June 18, 1980

Veronica – There’s a beautiful blue illumination coming out from beyond the trees. The illumination of blue cascading, oh, like rays of beautiful sunshine from the trees high up into the sky. Our Lady is coming closer. She’s traveling in very fast, coming from a great distance, because now Our Lady is coming down.

She’s dressed in…

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