Thomas: (Pt.7) Believes there wasn’t 1, but 2 Muhammads!

Thomas: (Pt.7) Believes there wasn’t 1, but 2 Muhammads!


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Let’s talk about Muhammad 1 and Muhammad 2.

We all know about the Muhammad 2 of Islam, or rather the prophet Muhammad who was introduced by the Abbasids in the late 8th century.

But what about the earlier, 7th century Muhammad?

Thomas helped us delineate who the Muhammad 1 of the 7th century was, in contradistinction to Muhammad 2 of the late 8th and 9th century.

He pointed out that it really began with Abd al-Malik in the late 7th century, who fomented an anti-Trinitarian Christianity as the state religion, introducing a strict Arabisation into his empire, with Muhammad 1 signifying merely as a title for Jesus.

At that time Christians believed Arabs were Christian heretics. Yet, they watched as this anti-trinitarian Arab religion began to morph into a faith which chose its own a prophet (i.e. Muhammad 2), in the line of Abraham, via Ishmael, and then was given his own scripture (i.e. the Qur’an), which was derived from earlier Christian lectionaries, hymns and homilies, and then finally evolved in the 9th century (by the Abbasids), into the Islam we know today.

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