For the information of all who drive long distances


For the information of all who drive long distances

A fortnight back we, some friends in Ernakulam and nearby areas went on a trip to Munnar.

We had the privilege to have an exceptionally brilliant driver with unmatched skills. Since I too enjoy long distance drive I enquired about the skills he has developed.

He is working with a large transport company. He carries consignment across the country and abroad, to places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan etc by road. Whenever bus/truck companies release new models, they give training to drivers of the buyer company. And his company invariably sends him for training. Thus he had opportunities to undergo training at Volvo, Sania, Bharat Benz and a few international brands.

He told me the following information he got from one such training. I am sharing it as I feel it is vital.

We have heard of many fatal accidents occurring since…

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