Meditating on the Passion of Christ

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The Passionists believe the passion of Christ should always be in our hearts. We should keep it always in mind. St. Vincent Strambi in our previous blog called the passion of Jesus a “ book of life, it teaches the way to live and communicates life. The one who reads this book day and night is blessed.”

How can we read such a book? Three questions help open the book of the Passion of Jesus for us:

What happened?

Who did it happen to?

Why did it happen to him?

If you asked anyone at the time of Jesus what happened when someone was crucified, they would tell you immediately. Everyone in the Roman world knew what crucifixion was. Someone was arrested, imprisoned and judged. If you were found guilty of a major crime and not a Roman citizen, you could be scourged and then crucified publicly, often dying painfully…

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