Photo by Chloe Si on Unsplash

I find Him in the whistling of the wind
And the gentle wrestling of the trees.
How lovely it is,
To watch the falling leaves
Swirling so gently to the ground.
They don’t make a sound.

I find Him on rainy days.
I love the sound of rain.
The raindrops play
Such a sweet refrain,
With its songs
Of deep tranquil melodies,
I feel born again.

I find Him in blue skies.
The heavens declare His glory!
The Work of His hands;
His creation I cannot deny,
Where beauty and bounty reside.

I find Him in the rising of the sun.
In each new morning dawn,
Brings with it another opportunity
To point others towards the ‘Son,’
While showing gratitude and thankfulness,
For all that He has done.

I find Him in sunsets.
A beautiful sunset never fails,
To remind me of God’s glory.

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