‘Perfect’ Parenting in the year 2022 is all about being real!

Dr. Poonam Chaubey Education

Not surprising that I’m the go to parenting advisor for the moms in my neighbourhood, just kidding. But I am often confronted by some challenging questions on issues of parenting such as the unfortunate one of disciplining children. Now I’m completely mindful that one size doesn’t fit all and parenting advice is deeply rooted in context but I believe there are some common shifts that are needed by all parenting styles, especially in today’s world.

The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult” –Ewan Mcgregor

To begin with some of the frequently asked advises are based on the behavioral issues, when a child throws tantrums and disregards instructions from an adult.

  • If your child gets angry quickly. The reason might be that you haven’t praised them enough. They only get attention by misbehaving.
  • A child who is often discouraged turns towards misbehavior…

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