Powerful Novena to the HOLY FAMILY || Pray for 9 Consecutive Days || Feast Day: December 30

Powerful Novena to the HOLY FAMILY || Pray for 9 Consecutive Days || Feast Day : December 30


holyfamily #holyfamilynovena #feastday

holyfamilynovena #holyfamily #feastday

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, model for all Christian families, I entrust my family to your care and protection. Bless each member of my family. Help me and the members of my family to love, listen to, support and accept one another. Encourage us to challenge one another to be compassionate, merciful and forgiving as we struggle with the difficulties of our lives.

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Guide us to seek goodness and holiness in our everyday choices, actions and attitudes. Encourage us when our faith is weak and when we fail to lead one another to Christ. Make our home a real dwelling place of peace, joy and love, where you are ever present among us. May we work to uphold each one’s dignity, integrity and unique contributions to the well-being and growth of our family. And when our time on earth is complete, bring us all safely home to you in the company of heaven.


Holy Family of Nazareth, pray for us.

Say 1: Our Father… Say 1: Hail Mary… Say 1: Glory Be…


The feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on the first Sunday after Christmas but you can pray the Holy Family Novena for any reason that you want, so go ahead and start praying!

The Holy Family consists of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They serve as a holy example for our families and us. As Blessed Pope Paul VI said, we meditate on the Holy Family that it may “teach us what family life is, its communion of love, its austere and simple beauty, and its sacred and inviolable character.” In this novena, we will reflect on different aspects of the members of the Holy Family and different events that took place in their lives to help our families and us grow in holiness.

Mary was betrothed to Joseph before the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would conceive the Son of God. When Joseph found out, he decided that he would divorce her quietly, but an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to trust Mary. Mary joined Joseph when he traveled to his hometown, Bethlehem, for the census. It was there that Mary gave birth to Jesus. The Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated the Sunday after we celebrate the birth of Christ.

God chose to come into world as a child in a family. Like most families, His family shared very real joys and sorrows. By meditating on the Holy Family, may we learn what holiness looks like for our families during both joyful and sorrowful times.

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is feeling great. The Feast of the HOLY FAMILY is celebrated on December 30.

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Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”
John 11:40

God Bless us all🙏


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