My honest feeling on having a BIG FAMILIES

My honest feeling on having a BIG FAMILIES


#Catholic#catholicyoutube#catholicmomIn this video, I’m speaking honestly about my experience having a big Catholic family. I talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope that you’ll take away some valuable information from this video, especially if you’re considering having a big family yourself. How to do NFP    • NFP easy & REALLY…   5 C-sections videos    • Multiple c-sectio…   ❤️ Learn the Catholic Faith (in 5 minutes a day)… ❤️ All my recipes… ❤️ LOTS of Catholic DISCOUNTS ~ AWESOME discounts!… My Website Donate to my work:… Instagram:… Facebook:… Pinterest:…#catholicyoutube#catholicmom#Catholic * All Music is licensed by Artlist & Epidemic Sound * Some links above are affiliate links.


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