Bruce Claus – A Christmas Poem for Kids

Jeff Brooks is Dead!!!!

Here’s a question for your Mother,

Did you know Santa had a brother?

On Christmas Eve he sets off too,

Delivering presents to me, or you.

It’s not a bike or toys in his sack,

Something much less fun, and much more black,

This isn’t nice, but I must insist,

You hear this tale of the naughty list.

Santa’s brother, his name is Bruce,

Rides a sleigh, flown by a moose,

He delivers coal to lads and lassies,

Who’ve slammed a door or broke Dads glasses,

They’ve knocked the telly off the wall,

Or kicked away their brothers ball,

Made their sister eat dog food,

Or said something that was rather rude.

Farted right on Daddy’s pillow,

Coloured Mums work notes bright yellow,

Let the air out the car tyre!

Set the whole house on fire!!

If you want a visit from a Claus who’s jolly,

Please stop acting like…

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