*Essence of Love*

I love Summa Reddy

an Indian Queen

I am under the power of a poetic hynotic spell

professing my love for Suma-

Love Summa, I do

I’m in love with her too.

Oh, I love the poetic stars sparkling in her eyes

twinkling in my mind;

as her heart heart

glow like a priceless diamond

glittering firy in the fires

of our desires

felt in our souls

that dazzle which sizzle

that burn

in our emotions

mirroring and reflecting

our love for each other

as we love one another.

Oh, I remember how we met on wordpress.com

connecting through our masterpiece writings

we merged together from the start

never-ever depart

courting intense romance

to Cupid’s magic-music dance,

intune to lyrics we pranced

emotionally in love

redefinding the love of lovers

who love each other

with love one for the other

in much love together.

It is I who loves Suma.

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