*Political Poison*

Hated by words

slandered by their negative difinitions

ruined by their meanings-

Lies produced by rumors

driven by falsehood

from the mouths of the powers that be

from envy and jealousy against you

for not following their Hiltler styled doctrines-

Negative logs dropped in their hell fire

against your positive progress;

as educated fools in high places

manifest evil deceit

in a conspircy against you

conspirators in possession of tools

in their arsenal of persuation

conceived to coerce you to admit

you have done wrong before judges

who set in judgment against you

when you are innocence of treason-

With lies

with innuendos

to establish a crime against you

without evidence

you committed wrong against corrupt polical parties

they try to charge and convict you

of wrongdoings for not letting them corrupt you

they had to release you

’cause they couldn’t find you guilty

beyond the legal standard of guilt…

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