As We Suspend In-Person Worship (Again)

My Pastoral Ponderings

Because of rapidly rising COVID numbers in our community, our congregation made the difficult decision to suspend in-person worship services again. Here are some remarks that I shared with our congregation in light of this decision.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Is 2020 really over? It seems like the year that refuses to end, doesn’t it? I write these words in the midst of our congregation’s temporary suspension of all in-person worship services (again!), along with all other in-person gatherings at the church. My family and I have been so grateful to be able to at least worship here in person since September, and so disappointed to have to give up that for a few weeks. We understand and agree with the need to do so, but it is disappointing, without a doubt. Even when we couldn’t gather for all of our other activities, at least we could gather for Sunday…

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