Building Systematic Theology – Lesson 3

Theology School


In courts of law throughout the world, lawyers try to convince a judge or jury of their point of view. It’s always crucial to their arguments that everyone understands the basic facts of the case. So, frequently near the end of a trial, lawyers review the facts stating them as plainly as possible in a series of propositions. “This is a fact.” “That is a fact.” “This happened.” “That happened.”

Well in many ways, the same kind of thing is true in systematic theology. Systematicians also have to establish certain facts, certaintheologicalfacts. So, they present their cases in straightforward theological propositions.

This is the third lesson in our seriesBuilding Systematic Theologyand we’ve entitled this lesson “Propositions in Systematics.” Traditional systematic theologians are committed to exploring, explaining and defending sound Christian theology. And as we will see in this lesson, an essential part of that commitment is expressing…

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