A Fistula Coming

Thoughts from Mark "Hat" Rackley

This is a note to let everyone know that my wife came through the surgery yesterday just fine. The vascular surgeon connected an artery and a vein in her left arm near the elbow. The purpose of this procedure is for future hemodialysis access – according to the vascular surgeon, a doctor that deals with arteries and veins and may not be able to spell “kidney.” Sorry, they have good educations and may be able to spell words that are not in their specialty. My point is the name “hemodialysis access” instead of installing a fistula.

But then, it is not a fistula. It has a great chance of growing into a fistula, but in its embryonic state, it will take about two months to mature. It is different than the abortion issue – when is life “life?” The fistula has to heal and strengthen before it can be used…

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