Prayers of Intercession for Advent by Jane Rosam on 29 Nov

Three Spires Benefice

God of Hope
Be with us on our Advent journey
be with us in our gathering
And in our travelling together,
Be with us in our worship
And in our praying together,
Be with us on this Advent journey of hope.

This Advent time
We remember Mary and Joseph,
Giving thanks for their faithfulness,
Courage and obedience,
Stepping out into the unknown
In the strength of your spirit,
Playing their part
In the fulfilment of your plan
To bring your people
Home again.
We pray that their example
Might be the pattern of our lives,
That when your gentle whisper
Breaks through the noise of this world
And into our small corner,
We might be ready to listen
And having listened, to act.

Lord in this season when every heart should be happy and light
Many of us are struggling with the heaviness of life,
With burdens that steal our…

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