A Wise Woman

Wisdom of the Ancient Monks

We should keep in mind that there were Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers. It is unfortunate that the human society being how it is did not preserve more sayings from these women of desert. So let us treasure the ones we have.

Amma Theodora, the Desert Mother we will hear from today, lived a life of privilege at first. She was a member of the ancient world’s 1% being married to a tribune of the Roman Empire. Such a position provided her wealth, comfort, and power; the very things most humans throughout different times and cultures have striven for. Most would say she had it made. Yet, as her fleeing to the Egyptian desert showed, those things were not enough to satisfy what she truly yearned for. She made a conscious decision to live up to her name, Theodora, by no longer being a taker but becoming a giver. Thus…

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