How To Start The New Year The Right Way.

New Lune

The year has come to an end and it’s pretty much the time when people share their accomplishments and highlights of this year as well as some of their proudest/happy moments. As much as this year was bad for everyone, I think seeing other people happy warms my heart.

I know for some, this can be triggering and make them feel bad about themselves. But remember that people only choose to share the good things that happened this year, they don’t share their failures, hardships and losses that happened that same year. It’s also the time where people tend to write the goals they have for the upcoming year.

If you’ve read one of my previous post then you would know I’m not really into new year resolutions and don’t like preparing/pressuring myself to accomplish goals within a specific timeframe. I would rather create to-do lists than create goals because…

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