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Spiritual Struggles & Supremacy.. Ideologies, Religions & Churches ❤️ The 3rd Testament Chapter 54-1

Spiritual Struggles & Supremacy.. Ideologies, Religions & Churches ❤️ The 3rd Testament Chapter 54-1


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The Third Testament Chapter 54… Struggles between Doctrines, Religions and Churches
Revelations of Jesus Christ

Spiritual Struggles before the Reign of Peace of Christ on earth
Thus saith the Lord…

1. Just as I announced My coming in the Second Era, I announce to you now the war of creeds, ideas, and religions, as the event foreshadowing the establishment of My reign of spirituality among men.

2. My word, like a sword of fire shall destroy the fanaticism that for centuries has enveloped men, shall pull back the veil of ignorance, and point out the white, luminous road that leads to Me. (209, 10 – 11)

3. I tell you that for the peace of My reign to be established among men, a war of doctrines, religions, and ideas shall still be necessary, a war in which one doctrine rises to combat another, and in which some use My name and My truth to confront the false gods of others.

4. That shall be the new contest, the spiritual battle in which the false gods fall from their pedestals, and all the falseness you had held as truth is revealed. You shall see how among that chaos of confusion and darkness, the splendid truth shall shine. (121, 40)

5. Spiritualism is provoking a worldwide battle between ideas, beliefs, and the various cults. But after that struggle, this doctrine shall bring men the blessed peace they so much need and make the sun of My Divine justice shine out over all the spirits. (141, 11)

6. I am preparing you, and warning for the time when the confusion of ideas arises, so that you can free yourselves of the interior struggle of the spirit and the torture of thought.

7. All the ideas, doctrines, theologies, philosophies, and beliefs of humanity, symbolized as a storm, shall be removed, as a true storm of the spirit over whose raging waters I wish you to navigate, remaining afloat until the storm and darkness pass.

8. I give you no better formula for getting through that trial than prayer and the practice of My word, by means of which your faith will be continually fortified.

9. That battle of ideas, that contest between creeds and ideas, that struggle, are indispensable to make all the defects and errors accumulated in the depths of every cult and institution come to light.

10. Only after that storm passes can there be a moral and spiritual purge of mankind, for they shall see the truth rise up, they shall know it, shall feel it in themselves, and they will no longer be able to feed on appearances and fictions.

11. Thus, just as each man takes freely for himself the necessary exposure of the sun upon his body, recognizing that in its light, its heat, and in its influence there is material life, so too shall they take from the light of truth as much sustenance, strength, and illumination of the spirit as they need.

12. Then man shall feel strong as never before, for his life shall begin to adhere to true principles, to the norms established by My Law. (323, 19 – 22)


The Contest for Spiritual Supremacy on earth

13. In this time there is a struggle between ideas and doctrines. Each man wants to be [thought] right, but who can be right in this contest of selfishness and interests? Who can be the owner of the truth?

14. If those who believe they possess truth and are on the perfect road, become vain for that reason, I can tell you truthfully that they do not yet know that road, for on that road, it is necessary to have humility, and it is enough to fail to recognize the truth contained in the beliefs of others, to cease being humble. I told you since the Second Era: “Blessed are the meek and humble of heart.”

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