Volcanoes… Chimneys of Hell, Earthquakes, Hail, Storms & other Weather Phenomena ❤️ Heavenly Gifts

Volcanoes… Chimneys of Hell, Earthquakes, Hail, Storms & other Weather Phenomena ❤️ Heavenly Gifts


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Volcanoes… The Chimneys of Hell, Earthquakes, Hail, Storms and other Weather Phenomena

Heavenly Gifts – October 4, 1840

The holy, most loving Giver of all good things gave us through His servant Jakob Lorber this piece of bread unto eternal life.

1. What has been reported lately about the fissures as well as the wide cracks of the earth, these have one and the same cause as the cessation of the springs and the drying up of the wells, as well as the receding of the sea and some lakes.

2. Namely, before any such violent earthquake happens, the (evil human) spirits, which have returned from the world to matter, gather in hordes and large groups. This gathering of the spirits at certain points of the earth offers the following phenomenon to the natural human understanding: When minerals and water meet, a certain chemical decomposition happens, which you generally refer to as ‘fermentation’. Thereby different gasses develop which will start to look for a way out. On such an occasion they find their way into an empty space, and there, many years later, they often accumulate to such an extent that they gradually begin to lift up the earth clod above such spaces by their natural tension.

3. When the earth is thus raised more and more, it naturally begins to develop fissures, which then, depending on the continuation of the elevations, become larger and larger, finally forming fissures and deep chasms. When in this way the gases accumulating underground have reached the large water reservoirs through small fissures, they gradually fill the surface of the latter, rising through the waters, and so violently that these waters, which all underground springs usually come from, are then separated from the upper veins, raising the outer crust of the earth often by eighty, a hundred or even two hundred fathoms (150 – 350 meters) – On such an occasion, all springs originating from there fail, and the wells dry up, and the sea, which is always connected to these subterranean waters, as well as other large lakes, recede considerably from their shores, which, of course, must happen, since the great reservoir of waters is separated from the surface waters by the intervening gasses.

4. Now look, this is how this entire phenomenon appears to the natural eye, that is, to the sense of the natural mind! – But in truth it is not so. Rather, as was mentioned at the beginning, when the other spirits, still at rest, are offended and flustered by the accumulation of spirits and their mad activity, then usually a peacemaking angel is sent there from the heavens. He opens gaps in the interior of the earth from the great water reservoirs to the places where the occupants have become mutually ardent in their deadly zeal. Now the spirits of peace hidden in these waters seek to calm these enraged mobs, and there, during such activity, the spirits of peace gather in great masses by the constant accession of the water. And what was said earlier about the gasses, behold, this is the superior number of the spirits of peace, which, at the behest of the angel, have emerged from the water to appease the enraged infernal hordes of spirits.

5. Then, if such a continued assistance of the spirits of peace from the water is of no avail, the angel – as already known from the earlier report about the earthquake – foils the reckoning of such evil spirits, among which the so-called great spirits of the world are the worst. This foiling of such evil calculations of the spirits consists in the fact that the powerful angel thoroughly grasps the place, where still unborn spirits live oppressed, and, with great force, instantly tears it into the smallest pieces.

6. The now released spirits, since they themselves have become completely incandescent, then also ignite the spirits of peace (referred to with the natural expression ‘gasses’) that have often accumulated for miles around. This moment of ignition is then also the moment of the earth tremor with which you are already familiar.

7. The consequences of such ignitions are already sufficiently known to you. However, I had to make sure that such ignitions do not occur too often, since, in time, they could bring about the complete destruction of the world’s body, namely through the actions of the angel who acts freely according to My will…


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