Feigned Value of external Progress & Path to spiritual Perfection ❤️ The Great Gospel of John

Feigned Value of external Progress & Path to spiritual Perfection ❤️ The Great Gospel of John


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Feigned Value of external Progress & Path to spiritual Perfection

Revealed by Jesus Christ thru the inner Word to Jacob Lorber

The Lord tells of His deeds as a 20-year-old, which are recorded nowhere else…

Chapter 222 – The feigned value of outward cultural development

1. (The Lord:) “And so we continued to eat and drink, but in moderation of course. Cyrenius spoke to us about many things relating to architecture, and the other guests listened to us and agreed with Me and Joseph in everything.

2. Eventually, a general, who had not spoken a single word up until this point, was of the following opinion: ‘In relation to the art of architecture, it should be considered if the sea-faring vessels could not be constructed in such a way that they could better resist the storms than was the case until now. On top of that, it seems to me that the larger ships would be better off without oars, because if the oars are attached too high above the ship’s rail, then the required handles would be too long and difficult to manipulate. A great number of strong and capable rowers are needed to operate them, and despite that, the oars exert only little force in the water, and they easily break during storms. On the other hand, if the oars, as is the case with smaller ships, are attached further below, then the water could easily enter the ship through the apertures if the waves are only a little too high, and at that point there would be nothing else to do but continuously scoop the water out to avoid sinkage. And finally, our larger ships still possess the deficiency of requiring too many rowers, so there is only little space left to accommodate other passengers, and despite the many rowers the vessel would nonetheless not move an inch in the presence of a bit of headwind.

3. Behold, my dear, young, profoundly wise and wonderfully mighty Man, in regards to this You could give us Romans some good and true advice! The old Phoenicians are said to have had vessels with which they could safely and quickly sail far into the great ocean. We Romans must limit ourselves to sail along the shore, and we may only dare to sail into the open sea on quiet days. What do You think of this?’

4. Said I: ‘Well, My friend, it would be rather difficult to give you some potent advice on this, for of what use would it be to you if you simply could not put it into practice in the end?

5. For proper and safe navigation of the sea, above all, accurate knowledge of the stars in the sky is required, as well as knowledge of the earth and especially of the status of the ocean, its size and depth. However, you are still far from having this knowledge, and you simply could not have it, because your foolish priests would rail against your efforts with all their might. Therefore, more efficient and well constructed ships would be of no use to you, because you would not be able to use them anyway.

6. The ships of the Phoenicians were certainly more useful, but not by a large margin. When the wind was favorable they could handle their sails better than you can, but they avoided the open sea as well and sailed only along the shore.

7. If you wish to improve your navigation of the sea, then you must learn from the Indians who live by it. They know how to handle their sails, even if it is by far not perfect.

8. First and foremost, however, see to it that your souls achieve unification with the divine Spirit, for then it will certainly show you how you may greatly improve your navigation!

9. Besides, your ships are good and useful enough for this time. Your descendants however will build even more wonderful and ingenious ships upon which they will be able to travel all across the sea, and at the speed of a bird. However, this will not add to the bliss of men, neither in body nor in spirit, on the contrary even, it will diminish it enormously. Therefore, stick to what you have now a while longer, because too great an improvement in earthly matters always brings with it a lasting decline in the spiritual, which, truthfully, is the only thing man must cultivate with all the powers of his life.

10. Of what use would it be if man could obtain all the treasures of the world for himself, but would thereby incur great damage to his soul?! Do you still not know of the short lifespan and ephemeral nature of the flesh?



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