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How the Enemy blocks you with Energy Fields and robs your Inspiration ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

How the Enemy blocks you with Energy Fields and robs your Inspiration ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus


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How the Enemy blocks you with Energy Fields and robs your Inspiration

May 30, 2016 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) May Our Sweet Jesus be your constant vision and your strength to persevere, Heartdwellers. Well, today I was in worship for quite a long time, listening to Terry MacAlmon’s songs and worshipping the Lord through them. And around the time when I felt led to stop and get the message, the Lord said something to me very gently…

(Jesus) “We are very close.”

(Clare) So, I came to my computer and started to type – and I was listening for His voice again and He said…

(Jesus) “We are very close.”

(Clare) ‘Lord, do You mean to the Rapture? Or the war?’

(Jesus) “The war and the Rapture. That was Me, Beloved. I wanted you to know. We are very close.”

(Clare) This is not wishful thinking on my part?

(Jesus) “No, it’s sad reality. There have been many false alarms – or shall I say… Disasters turned away. But right now there is every indication that things are about to go forward. Stay in readiness, Clare. Stay in readiness. The enemy is clever.”

(Clare) And just to clarify this, that doesn’t mean that intercession won’t stop this forward motion. We still don’t know until it actually happens, if it’s going to move forward. ‘Lord, what would You have me to do right now.’

(Jesus) “Hold Me.”

(Clare) So, I just rested in the spirit, holding Him and just adoring Him. I came back about 3 hours later. I had started on the painting, on the portrait of Him. And He asked me…

(Jesus) “Why are you afraid? Didn’t I tell you I will do this through you? Clare, I am here, pay attention. One step at a time, My Love.”

(Clare) My mind was drifting and I was still trying to make sure that it was Him.

(Jesus) “I know you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember, I told you things would get more difficult? This is one way that is less painful than sickness, but still challenging. If you will keep your focus on Me…”

(Clare) ‘Oh, Jesus that’s been so hard…’

(Jesus) “I know, it isn’t easy. Keep your focus on the last time we were together and you saw My face.”

(Clare) And in that moment, our new little rescue puppy came trotting in and started some funny antics on the floor. I bent over to pet him and play with him and when I sat back up the Lord said…

(Jesus) “He brings joy to Me also, Clare!”

(Clare) I would think that if You’ve seen one puppy, You’ve seen them all. After all, You created them!

(Jesus) “But I never get tired of their puppy antics. You have to understand, I am the Creator, but then they take on their own personality and My joy knows no bounds watching them discover the world, what they can and can’t do, and seeing them loved. I love it when you love him, truly it warms My heart.

“And it’s the same way with creativity. When you approach a project such as a painting, there are things you have in mind, and as you begin to create, it takes on a life of its own. I am wanting to work through you, My Clare, to bring you to a point where the painting takes on its own life and you are alive with it and in it.

“You have been in this place before, with other paintings. This one will be no different. Please, do not look at this project as being so very difficult. The enemy will exploit that to stop you. Just as he does with other endeavors. These are smoke screens, Clare. Don’t let him cow you. I truly am in this with you – how can you possibly fail?”

(Clare) ‘Oh, Jesus, I need to feel more connected with You.’

(Jesus) “Reach out for Me, reach. I am here for you. We have very similar tastes in this project. I love the soft colors but I want My eyes to really dominate this painting. The windows to My soul where My Bride can see how exquisitely she is loved. Yes, that look I gave you on our wedding day, before we ascended into your Heavenly dwelling. That look so full of love, expectation, innocence, purity.



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