I Came Across *This Wonderful Reflection For HOLY WEEK* And Would Like To Share This Thought-Provoking Viewpoint With All . . . . 💖.


By Christina Mead.

While I read the story of Christ’s Passion and Death in the Gospel of Matthew, *I was looking for Myself in that Story.*

*Which Character Am I ?????* 🤔

*What is God trying to teach me ? ? ? ?*

Well . . . . . . .

I Realise that *I am Every Character in the Story of the Passion and Death of Christ.* And I think that’s The Most Significant Point . . . . . 😐

*I Am The Apostle . . . .*

I am Like Those Apostles : Sleeping in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:40). I’m prone and give in to Laziness in the presence of Holiness. I Don’t put up a Fight against the Pull of Distractions or sometimes even Sleep.

*I Am Judas.*

I Am Judas. Jesus has Every Right to call me Both “Friend” and “Betrayer” Barely 30 seconds Apart !!!!! (Matthew 26:46, 50). *My Heart is Fickle and Weak. And sometimes My Commitment to being Jesus’ Friend is Blown Off on the Whim of an Emotion.* 😢

*I Am Caiaphas.*

I Am Caiaphas, the High Priest. *I want Jesus to Prove Himself to Me* (Matthew 26:63). *I want Signs and Wonders to Know that I Really can Trust Him. I Want my Prayers Answered in My Way. I want Concrete Proof over Humble Faith.*

*I Am Peter.*

I Am Peter. Sometimes I Deny Jesus (Matthew 26:72). I Deny Him in the face of the Homeless when I chose to Look Away. *I Deny Him when I am Afraid of Being Judged and Condemned by those around me.*

*I Am The Crowd That Roared For His Crucifixion.*

I Am Part Of That Crowd Yelling “Crucify Him” !!!!!(Matthew 27:21-23). *And I say it Again and Again Every Time I Knowingly Choose To Sin.*

*I Am Barabbas.*

I Am Barabbas. I Am Chained in Sin and Holed up in the Prison of My Own Pride. And Instead of Suffering the Full Punishment for my Sins for which I am Guilty… I Let Christ Take My Place On The Cross (Matthew 27:26). *And I Often Forget to Thank Him.* 😢

*I Am Pilate.*

I Am Pilate. *I Want to Give Up when Life is Too Challenging (Matthew 27:24). I’m Ready to Wash my Hands of Christianity, when Being a Follower of Jesus Means pursuing Virtue over Mediocrity, a Life of Prayer Over a Life of Pleasure.*

*I Am Simon Of Cyrene.*

I Am Simon of Cyrene (Matthew 27:32). *I Suffer Reluctantly.* I Will Take The Cross but I Won’t Seek it. *I’ll Only take it if it’s Been Placed on my Shoulders…* and I Don’t Love It. 😔

*I Am One Of Those Spectators.*

I Am One Of Those Spectators Who Mocked Jesus while He was Hanging on The Cross (Matthew 27:30). How Quickly They had Forgotten All the Good Works HE had Done In Their Cities and Towns !!!!. When Popular Opinion about Jesus Changed, They Followed Suit. *How Quickly I forget The Good HE’s Done for Me !!!! In A Brief Moment of Pain All my Gratitude Vanishes and Is Replaced by Resentment.* 😢

*I Am One of Those Roman Soldiers.*

I Am One of Those Roman Soldiers. (Matthew 27:35). I KILLED Jesus. My Sins were the Reason HE was Nailed to That Cross !!!! It Was My Fault and I Know it.

*But Sometimes . . . . .*

*I Am Also Like That Centurion.*

My Eyes are Opened to Who Jesus Is in My Life (Matthew 27:54). My Heart Accepts The Truth that God Became MAN and Died for ME. And this Knowledge brings me Peace and A Resolution to Mend my Life Fills My Soul. 💖

*I Am One of the Women Standing By The Cross* (Matthew 27:55-56).

When I’m Open to God’s Grace, I can be a Faithful and Steadfast Christian. In the Midst of Pain and Suffering, I Can stay Close to The Cross. Jesus, My Beloved Teacher, Is my Strength. And He’s All I Need. 💖

*I Am Joseph of Arimathea.* (Matthew 27:59).

Again, *Only by God’s Grace, Can I Be Selflessly Compassionate, putting Others’ Needs Before my Own.* Moved by God, I will Use what HE has Given Me, in the Service of Others. My Time, Talent, and Treasure are all for HIM 💖

Sometimes I Am Every Character In The Story of the Passion and Death of Christ.

*I KILLED Jesus.

BUT . . . . . I Am Also The Reason HE Rose From The Dead On Easter Sunday !!!! 🕯🕯🕯🕯

what a glorious end to the Reflection!!


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