Take 2 w/ Jerry & Debbie – Feb 14, 2020 – Rediscovering Love


ഇരുന്പുചക്രം പുൽക്കൂനയിൽ ഉടക്കി ട്രാക്ടർ മറിഞ്ഞു; കോട്ടയത്ത് രണ്ടു പേർ മരിച്ചു

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Anointing of Wisdom Episode 2 Br Thomas Paul

Brother Thomas Paul's retreat. Anointing of Wisdom Episode 2 Our attitude to receive Wisdom. This should be our attitude to receive Wisdom...We must pray to the Lord everday..."Oh Lord, my knowledge is only the size of a sesame seed and there is an ocean to be understood." St.Thomas Aquinas, after writing such great theological works … Continue reading Anointing of Wisdom Episode 2 Br Thomas Paul