The Agonizing Crucifix of Jesus Christ

Agonizing Crucifix

What is the “Agonizing Crucifix?”

It is the most powerful sacramental Our Lord has               it. I will break their hearts of stone and    pour in ever given to the Church with special    promises of     my love. I promise also to draw straying souls protection and  grace accompanying it.  Through it,      closer to myself through this  Crucifix. Children, Our   Lord   has   told   us   He   will perform  many  captives   shall   be   freed   through    this   cross. miracles.  On  January 5,  2000,  Our  Lord gave the                Children,   no   enemy   of   My   Holy Cross  will world  the  Agonizing Crucifix  through  an illiterate

teenage boy named Barnabas Nwoye in the village of Olo in Enugu State, Nigeria. The young man recorded the event as follows:

“…I saw in a vision Our Lord holding a Crucifix…I saw Him walking about in a desert. After a while, we met. He said to me, “Barnabas, take  this.” Then He offered me the Crucifix and continued, “This is your Crucified Lord who loves you. He  is the one whom you daily crucify. Accept it from Me, carry it always. Show it to the world, let all men have it also. Children, this is what your sins do to me.”

This Crucifix is the same as the Crucifixes we all know. The difference is that the wounds and blood of His Sacred Body are depicted very graphically, His Sacred Heart is exposed on His chest and His Blood runs down the wood of the cross. On the  cross it is written “I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you.”

To Those Who Devotedly Venerate The Agonizing Crucifix
9 Promises of The Agonizing Crucifix

1. To prepare you for the battle, I give you My Agonizing Crucifix. I promise to protect anyone who has this Crucifix against the evil forces.
2. Through this Crucifix, I will deliver many from captivity.
3. Whenever you raise this Crucifix against evil power, I will open heaven and let My Precious Blood flow to subdue the evil power.
4. I will let My Precious Blood flow from all
My Sacred Wounds and cover all who venerate My Wounds and Blood through this Crucifix.
5. I promise to protect any house where this
Crucifix is against any destructive power in the hour of darkness.
6. I promise to perform numerous miracles through this Crucifix.
7. I will break their hearts of stone and pour My love on them that venerate My Agonizing Crucifix.
8. I promise also to draw straying souls closer to Myself through this Crucifix.
9. Children, in the days of the evil one you will be able to go freely without any harm through this Crucifix.
Finally, Our Lord emphasized; “Children, through this Cross I will conquer. This Cross will soon be a victorious Cross.”


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