Practising compassion [MENTAL HEALTH] ARTICLE1


Article 1

Some people often say,’ I don’t deserve compassion,’ ot’I’m too angry inside to be bothered with compassion,’ ot ‘It’s difficult ,’ or’It’s weakness.’ ‘First ‘I hope I’ve shown you that it’s not a weakness . It’s really about how we stimulate our brains and create certain types of relationships , not just with other people but also within our own heads- with ourselves. And if you think about our basic description of our compassion then what is weak about that? If you think you don’t desrerve compassion it is like saying you don’t desreve to be fit or have a healthy diet.

In fact, if you are depressed , you are the person who deserves most compassion. Think about just how much easier it would be for you if you did get on with other people ; if you felt better, how much energy you might have to…

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