Travel Bucket List: India – Kerala Part 3

Memories and Such

Moving on our next Kerala destination are the hills of Wayanad which is set high on the Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 meters. Formed on 1 November 1980 by carving out areas from Kozhikode and Kannur districts, there are many indigenous tribals in this area of which about 885.92 sq km of area are under forest cover. Pulpally boasts of the only Lava- Kusha temple in Kerala and Vythiri has the only mirror temple in Kerala which is a Jain temple. The edicts and caves of Ambukuthi Mala state that the place is as old as the beginning of the New Age Civilisation. The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Naadu which translates to the land of paddy fields from Malayalam. Historians believe that the human settlements existed in these parts for at least ten centuries before Christ. Much evidence of New Stone Age civilisation…

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