Little Women: A Book Review of the Classic Novel

The Wordsmith's Pen

Little Women is a classic for a reason. It has been on my to read list for years, especially since I adore the movie. Fierce Jo, sweet Beth, beautiful Meg, and refined Amy. These four girls captured my heart in the film and they did even more so in the book (which is really no surprise).

Little Women follows the March family during the Civil War and after. While their father is away as a chaplain for the North, Mrs. March and her four girls do their best to live happy, productive lives in Concord, MA. The past years had seen a drastic reduction of their income, but they remain happy, caring, and thoughtful people despite their relative poverty.

My favorite character is not in fact Jo, though I love her dearly and she is often seen as the main character. Actually, my favorite character is Mrs. March. She raises…

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