Pentecostal False Doctrine! (Video)

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Pentecostal False Doctrine!

Speaking in Tongues today:(True or False?)

The Pentecostal Movements doctrines: The utterances that we make are what happened at Pentecost, and they are proof of being filled with the Holy Spirit!

Before we begin our study to truly discover the spiritual validity or the spiritual error of this doctrine; Let me say this:

On Aug. 26th 1986, I experienced a radical transformation come to my life! I had grown up Catholic, and I believed in Christ, but it didn’t stop me from feeling free to sin and enjoy the lust of the flesh. I always tried to be good, and do what was right, but never felt conviction of my ungodly lifestyle. I had many girlfriends and was drinking and dancing every night of the week; In the words of my theme song: “I’m just a gigolo”. Suddenly, I read a chick track that some…

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