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” God is Truth and Light in Shadow”. – Plato

” When the Gods were more manlike, Men were more Godlike”. – Friedrich Schiller

This is a post for the beginers who are getting influenced by the inner world, who is seeking to or searching for light of the soul . The first and foremost duty and responsibility of a man is to believe himself . Jesus Christ told us – ” Know Thyselves “. To know our inner world is to our practice of religion . Not only to know the Shiva Sakti in me , but to know others as a Godisalso our spiritual practice to go aheadofGod. Uttisthata Jaggrata Prappya Baran Nibedhato.

This is the calling of Veda . Arise , Awake until you reached the Goal . Swami Vivekananda’s wards are same as Veda . Let be awaken , stand up…

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