What Sweeter Music (Advent: Day 27)

Simply Persuaded

This poem written by English country clergyman Robert Herrick in the 17th century, was put to beautiful music by John Rutter 3 centuries later. It so beautifully expresses the heart from which we look upon this Christmas Day, that I had to include the words for you here.

What an amazing season of Advent! We saw how Emmanuel’s coming was foretold and how Jesus fulfilled those prophecies down to the very last detail! We learned that Jesus is the “monogenes” the One and Only Begotten, Unique Son of God which qualifies Him to be victorious over sin and death. Born among sacrificial lambs, He is the perfect, spotless Lamb of God who washes us whiter than snow. He is the Bread of Life born in the House of Bread. We saw God’s wisdom in the story of Ruth, and that through her, God grafted the Gentiles into the…

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