Freedom and Law

Clarifying Catholicism

The following was a college essay written by Maureen Francois. It has been edited and approved by Aidan McIntosh. If you have a Theology essay that you would like published that received a grade of an A- or higher, please be sure to contact us.

By Maureen Francois, Benedictine College

As human persons, we are called to live in freedom. Pope John Paul II, quoting the Second Vatican Council, defined freedom as an “outstanding manifestation of the divine image” (Gaudium et Spes, 17). We are made in the image of God, and to be truly free is to glorify God by mirroring Him through our lives. The purpose of law is to lead us to our proper actions and end, and by living in accordance with God’s law, we are made truly free. In the history of human thought, blinded by concupiscence, we have tried to redefine freedom…

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