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When I finished my initial studies in Germany back, we subscribed to the latest edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia. It was to last a lifetime. The annual updates kept coming even when we moved to Pretoria. Angelika used it sometimes for her lessons at the University. Detlev liked it for school projects. Today both don´t have access to the 30+ volumens in Pretoria, whilst they are far away in Wittenberg and Seattle respectively.

I´ve switched to Wikipedia long ago. Not just to keep updated on the various Bach Cantatas on Sundays, but lately on art related to the Propers of each Sunday found on Wiki Commons. This Sunday the gospel lesson is John 2 – and takes us back to the wedding of Cana. Previously I would find an icon or special painting – and be done for. Now, there´s a treasure trove just waiting for the…

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