What Is So Special About John’s Gospel?

My Pastoral Ponderings

My congregation, like many others, uses a schedule of Sunday scripture readings called the New Revised Common Lectionary. This lectionary is a three-year cycle of readings which covers most (but not all) of scripture. Each of the three years features one of the four gospels as its primary gospel, with John’s Gospel appearing at different times all three years. This year the primary gospel that we are hearing Sunday mornings is the Gospel According to Mark. I shared an overview of Mark’s Gospel here: What Is So Special About Mark’sGospel?

But this year we also hear a lot from John’s Gospel, so I thought I would share a follow-up post here on what is so special about John’s Gospel. And there is a lot that is special about this gospel! It is written in a way that makes it very easy to read, but the more time that one spends…

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