Deep Work Requires Sacrifice

Brandon Ellrich, Writer/Author/Poet

I recently listened to an episode of The Hidden Brain podcast about the subject “Deep Work.” Basically, the interview was detailing the benefits of focusing on a single task at a time. Many of us may believe we are already doing this, but if you answer your phone during the time that you’re working or intermittently check your email, you are disrupting the process.

Anne Rice purportedly needs four hours of unbroken time each day. Nathaniel Hawthorne stayed in his bedroom from morning til sunset before writing his first collection of short stories. Other writers, like Henry David Thoreau and MarkTwain, isolated themselves as well.

J.K. Rowling went to the Balmoral Hotel to finish her final Harry Potter novel.

“[…] there came a day where the window cleaner came, the kids were at home, the dogs were barking and I could not work[…] I thought I can go to a…

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