Malayan Giant Squirrel

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Why it important to know?

  • Recently ZSI in a study, projected that numbers of the Malayan Giant Squirrel could decline by 90% in India by 2050
  • And could extinct if urgent steps are not taken.


  • Scientific Name:Ratufa bicolor.
  • It is one of the world’s largest squirrel species that has a dark upper body, pale underparts, and a long, bushy tail.
  • It is diurnal (active during the day) herbivorous, but arboreal (tree-dwelling) like the flying squirrels which is different from nocturnal flying squirrels.
  • Three giant squirrel species are found in India and the other two are Indian Giant Squirrel and Grizzled Giant Squirrel which are found in peninsular India.
  • Significance: It is an indicator species, provides information on the overall health of an ecosystem and other species. It is considered a forest health indicator species that reflect the quality and changes in environmental conditions concerning community and composition.


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