Quote of the day, 19 April: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Carmelite Quotes

Dear little mother, it is with pleasure that I see the new year arrive in order to renew my wishes for a happy new year. I wish you everything you could possibly desire, and now that I’m older I’m going to be a sweet, patient, obedient, diligent little girl who never gets angry. First of all, since I am the elder, I must set an example for my little sister; I will not upset her anymore. Finally, I will be a little role model and you will be able to say that you are the happiest of mothers, and since I hope that I will soon have the happiness of making my First Communion, I will be even more well behaved because I will pray to God to make me even better. I leave you, my dear little mother, with a heartfelt kiss. Elisabeth Catez. Dijon, December 31, 1889.


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