Good Shepherd Reflections

✠SELEISI ~ infra Octavam Ascensionis

Beginning with his homily on Good Shepherd Sunday, +Jerome has given extensive teaching concerning the imagery and concept of the Good Shepherd and its practical realisation in the lives of 21C Christians.

Delivered during broadcast Mass on Good Shepherd Sunday 2021

  • His Grace reflects on the personification in Christ of God as the Good Shepherd described in the Old Testament, made a present reality in the fulfilment of Christ’s gospel mission, His passion, death and resurrection;
  • of the Gospel as vocation i.e. God calling humanity to Himself in the voice of the Good Shepherd, via the incarnate Word and of the necessity of the sheep to discern and recognise the voice of the Good Shepherd through Divine Revelation and the Apostolic tradition and doctrine;
  • how to recognise the “hirelings” referred to in the Gospel (John 10) by their nature, behaviour and false teaching, contrasting their doctrine with the constant and…

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