Holy Cloak Novena Prayer | Pray for 30 Days

Holy Cloak Novena Prayer | Pray for 30 Days


The Holy Cloak Novena Prayer is considered one of the most effective novenas in the Church. Unlike most novenas, which are prayed for 9 days, the Holy Cloak Novena is prayed for 30 days in honor of the thirty years St Joseph spent with Jesus during his life on Earth. The cloak of St. Joseph is a source of shelter and protection for those who honor St Joseph as a spiritual father and protector.

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O Glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, you who were chosen by God above all men to be the earthly head of the most holy of families, I beseech you to accept me within the folds of thy holy cloak, that you may become the guardian and custodian of my soul.

From this moment on, I choose you as my father, my protector, my counselor, my patron and I beseech you to place in your custody my body, my soul, all that I am, all that I possess, my life and my death.

Look upon me as one of your children; defend me from the treachery of my enemies, invisible or otherwise, assist me at all times in all my necessities; console me in the bitterness of my life, and especially at the hour of my death. Say but one word for me to the Divine Redeemer Whom you were deemed worthy to hold in your arms, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary, your most chaste spouse. Request for me those blessings which will lead me to salvation. Include me among those who are most dear to you and I shall set forth to prove myself worthy of your special patronage. Amen.

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