Dream Messages from Daddy God

Your Last Day On Earth

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Dream ~ 1/31/19

I was riding soo fast on a toddler bike and having the time of my life.. I jumped over the biggest things that were in my path and popped wheelies everywhere.  When I stopped, I mentioned the weight limit of the bike to a friend.. Supposedly, I was over double the limit.

Dream ~ 1/31/19

Glorious gold lights raining down everywhere.. Bright * twinkling * shining * gently ~ raining gold lights..  I heard a song that had played in another dream before.. where Jesus was pursuing me.. It was also the song where I had seen those gold lights in real life for the first time.. as Hillsong sang it, the very first time I were to hear the song..

🎶 Jesus

Light of heaven

Friend forever

His kingdom come 🎶

Dream ~ 1/31/19

There lay the Holy Bible…. but suddenly little brown spots formed on…

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