God Needs You.

Wordy Spirit


God doesn’t need another
David or yet another Goliath
God needs you
And your endless tryin’

God doesn’t need a hero
Who has a wonderful story
God needs your presence
Your identity, without glory

God doesn’t need anything
That requires great might
He just needs you to know
That he’s with you in your plight

God doesn’t need much
No gold, treasures or sacrifice
He needs you to continue growing
And faithfully cling to life

God doesn’t need you to say
It is easy, this current ride
He wants you to shed a tear-
While believing he’s by your side

God doesn’t need that
Which you can not give
For all he wants from you
Is the life that you currently live

God wants you to be you
With all the troubles you’re enduring
Because he’ll stand by your side
And continuously keep assuring..

God needs you to stay…

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