Jina La Yesu, Baraka Phill Exaults Christ In His New Soulful Gospel Song.

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Three months after treating his fans to a touching song declaring Gods power dubbed Nguvu Ya Yesu meek gospel musician Baraka Phill has returned with a new song tittled Jina La Yesu.

Jina la yesu is a song written and composed in swahili which translates to the name of Jesus a somg where Baraka pays homage to Christ for all the good deeds that he has led unto him.

Baraka phill has been ammasing a considerable following with his smooth tunes that are mainly based on him acknowledging and showering heaps of praises to God a message that resonates with his audience on songs like Nguvu Ya Yesu which was hit first release in 2022 and now Jina La Yesu.

Jina la yesu is a testimonial song that walks with Baraka phill as he recounts how God via his son Jesus christ removed and dusted him from grass to grace…

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