St. Alphonsa Quotes (English)

Quotes / Sayings of St. Alphonsamma

  1. It is ‘the Woman beneath the Cross’ who kept me in steadfast love to my Spouse even amid excruciating pains and severe trials.
  2. I would much rather die than commit consciously even a trivial venial sin and offend God thereby.
  3. The Food I relish most is the Holy Eucharist. Ineffable joy wells up my soul every time the Lord who said ‘I am the Living Bread’, descends into me.
  4. I have abandoned myself to the Lord fully; let Him do to me as it pleases Him.
  5. A smile is a wick of light; I shall gaze upon drooping counten- ances and smile graciously.
  6. Humility is the queen of virtues; I consider any chance to humble myself a great fortune.
  7. Whenever I make a mistake, no matter how trivial it is, I shall do some acts of penance. This is the easy way to stop repeating the mistake.
  8. How great is the joy we obtain when all our pains are offered to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!
  9. There love of neighbour, where love of God is, in the same fashion as do flower and pollen.
  10. We must be very  careful  in the use of words,  even  more than a miser would do with his money.
  11. It is in  giving  away,  not in receiving that I find  my joy; flatterers I shall  flee.
  12. I dedicate myself totally to Jesus as a humble sacrificial offering of love and expiation.
  13. How sweet to my tongue it is to utter  the  Holy  Name  of Jesus!
  14. I desired and endeavoured to be ever faithful to the Lord. I would rather die  than break   this promise.
  15. We must endure placidly whatever run counter to our wishes and offer them to the   Lord.
  16. The only thing I desire here on earth is this: to endure all trials and troubles for the sake of love and to rejoice in them. Not for me are any of the worldly pleasures, I am fully convinced.
  17. Nothing there is for  us  to cry over, for the Lord is always with us.
  18. My Jesus is sufficient for me; I shall not want.   This   is my unceasing prayer: ‘my Jesus, sweet beyond all description, change all wordly consolations into bitterness for me’.
  19. God has granted me this favour that I have preserved untarni- shed upto this moment the sanctifying grace granted me  at my Baptism.
  20. Jesus loves us   by granting crosses. To those He loves,  He sends more crosses and sorrows. As for me,  suffering is delightful; a day without a chance to suffer I feel empty.
  21. It is my strong faith that nothing shall ever come my way without the Lord giving  the nod.
  22. I shall never let  off  a lament, whatever the torment that might befall me.
  23. Was it not aloft a  cross  that my Beloved did die?! I too must die upon a  cross of  sufferings.
  24. Those who stood by  the cross mocked Jesus in His  agony. Our Lord had no consolation whatever. As for me, how many are crowding around   to sympathise  with and  to  console me  by attending to my needs. Our Lord was not served as I am! I am His bride, but how  trifling are my sufferings when compared to the agonies of my Spouse!
  25. I have a Mother in Heaven, all love for me; my eyes well up with joy even to make mention of Her.
  26. The very same Lord  who puts me  on  bitter  drugs, serves me sweetening sugar too. I can hardly bring myself  to  pray  for  a     remission from   ecstatic convulsions when I think of the joy that succeeds them.
  27. Grapes are crushed  in  a wine- press, collected and purified to yield rich wine. Even so we mature into spiritual fortitude when purified through suffering.
  28. Practise your austerity in strict secrecy; that will fortify your spirit.
  29. Never for once has my good God declined me a favour whatever it be that I did solicit.
  30. Whatever my superiors decide upon for me, that I count as God’s will in my regard.
  31. I am a  daughter of  suffering. It is with stones of  sufferings and sacrifices we build our mansions in Heaven.
  32. I have an affectionate nature; my heart brims with   love. It  is impossible  for  me  to hate  any one.
  33. I have a share  in  the  Cross of Christ; I am with  Him  on the Cross. Can this privilege extend to all and sundry. Indeed I am a rare privileged!
  34. My interceding can purchase only crosses; so you may solicit my prayers only if you are ready to  endure them.
  35. Let us keep sealed  our fragrant phial  of  virtues  for sole  delight unto Jesus.
  36. Lighter birds make it  easier to soar. With some of these even the flap of wings does not report audibly. My flight upwards shall resemble this. I shall flee to find a refuge in the lap of my Beloved.



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