Light in Darkness: A Christmas Homily

Composing Catholic

John begins his account of the life of Jesus with the reading you just heard. It is rich, meaningful, complicated and an entire PhD dissertation could be written about those few paragraphs. Many dissertations, in fact, have been written about them. And books too. And courses taught. And lives fully dedicated to their understanding.

It is not at all like the versions from Matthew and Luke that we see on Christmas cards and hear in carols. John’s Gospel does not have the shepherds, angels, a bright star, the manger or magi.

Instead, John tells us: “… the light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

So much about our faith can be summarized by this simple expression: “There is more there than meets the eye.”

There is more there than meets the eye…

For example:

A light shining in the night sky signifies the greatest…

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