Silent Night! Holy Night!

My Lord Katie

Silent night, holy night,
Stille nacht, heilige nacht.

Millions of Christians around the world will sing this beloved hymn “Silent Night” during the Christmas season. This favorite Christmas carol has been translated into just about every language in the world. What a joyous thought to know that so many people will be remembering the day of Jesus’ birth in spite of the challenges of the year.

One Christmas Eve 1818 in Oberndorf, north of Salzburg, Father Joseph Mohr knew that St. Nicholas Church would be completely full of people. Father Mohr had a sermon in mind, a message for his flock on this sacred night, but he wanted a carol, something special this Christmas Eve service.

“Silent night, holy night” was the first line from a poem that the young Austrian priest had written two years before. Now he can’t get the phrase out of his mind. “Silent night, holy…

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