New Year’s Resolutions


As we move into a new year, we all seem to have preconceived notions that new beginnings will happen, COVID-19 will disappear, we will finally start exercising and eating right, we will read our Bibles more, pray more, be kinder, etc. But…why do we feel that January 1st holds so much power? Like all the sudden on January 1st the whole world gets their slate erased and a fresh start? Is this really the case? Has this ever happened? It would be nice, but in reality all of our problems will still be there on January 1st. People will still be struggling, people will still be grumpy, sad, depressed, and unmotivated. COVID-19 (unfortunately) will still be there. And most of us (ahem…guilty!) will give up on our new diet or exercise plan before January ends. Our busy lives continue after January 1st and the “Bible…

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