The Dictatorship of Fear and the Coming Persecution

Catholicism Pure & Simple

A sermon by an unnamed traditional priest that was first posted by Peter Kwasniewski:

My brethren, the world in which we live is falling apart. When we look at the political situation that we have in this country right now, or when we look at any other country in the globe, we cannot help but be scared, worried about is coming next.

Things have changed quite a bit in the past year. Well, things have changed a lot. Things you took for granted, like going shopping, or visiting a friend, or even going to church, in some places are now forbidden. Forbidden. You cannot go anymore where you want. Cameras observe people, to see if they comply or not with the “sacred” measures of safety, if they follow or not the ritual of the tribe. And if someone disagrees in any way, suddenly he becomes the enemy of humanity.


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